Meet the Maker

 Josiah Taylor

The Vision

White Owl Leatherworks at its heart is a brand focused on merging the traditional styles of rustic leathercrafting with the modern and popular designs centered around themes of fantasy, sci-fi, and various gamer-related styles, bundled together to offer the highest quality of handcrafted leather goods with a fantastical flair. 

The Craftsman

I've been a leather craftsman for over a decade, taught by my father and working as a craftsman under the company he founded. Learning the craft started just as a part time job, but I found I had a real knack for it and my perfectionism and attention to detail really shone with such work. My own passions and hobbies revolved around various fantasy worlds, video games, tabletop adventures, and creative writing. Eventually I decided to merge my interests with the craft and renew my passion for creating beautiful and functional, lasting works of art with leathercraft. Thus the idea for White Owl Leatherworks was born.

The Quality

Vegetable tanned, full-grain leather hides of highest quality from world premier tannery Wickett & Craig. The same way a chef takes pride in the handling of quality ingredients, a craftsman takes pride in the quality of their materials. The strength and durability of the full-grain ensures a product that will last. The quality grading means the hand-engraved designs will never fade out. This stuff is the real deal, worked with care and precision into a beautiful product in your hands.

Hand-Engraved, Hand-Dyed, and Hand-Painted

All engraved designs and text is done so by hand, no lasers involved. Although the versatility of laser engraving is impressive, I've always thought it gives a product a cheap feel when it comes to leather craft goods, like it's a modern and manufactured factory item. Be as it may a personal preference, our own style of hand-engraving is also highly versatile while retaining the rustic, traditional feel of true leathercraft that exudes quality and class.