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Kintsugi "Elf" - Bifold Card Wallet

Kintsugi "Elf" - Bifold Card Wallet

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Broken but beautiful, the Kintsugi styled design was inspired during my journaling sessions when processing the idea of accepting and embracing my flaws and faults. As a perfectionist, I often get negative of myself with every little thing and always feel the weight of not being *enough* in whatever capacity. The Kintsugi art of repairing pottery with seams of gold and precious metals naturally embraces the philosophy of highlighting the flaws and finding beauty within imperfections. It's a philosophy that really hits home for me personally and seeing the beautiful Kintsugi art always serves as a reminder to love and be who I am now rather than to mourn who I am not yet.


The Elf is a bi-fold, 2-slot card wallet that also works great as a business card case. Made from top quality, 100% full-grain vegetable tanned leather, engraved, dyed, and painted by hand.

2 card slots which hold 5+ cards each 

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